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This is the part where most church planters want to talk about how attractive their potential city is, where it ranks in the top 100 places to live, how affluent it is, how innovative, how bicycle-friendly, how many state-of-the-art dog parks, and the list goes on! First and foremost we believe God has called us to Bryan, Texas. He has confirmed it through His Word, through prayer, and through the confirmation of our experiences as He continually goes before us in preparing the way. Stephani and I are both Aggies, and we both had opportunities as college students to minister in Bryan. For a snapshot of things you may or may not know about Bryan, TX, CLICK HERE.

Needless to say, the Bryan/ College Station area is in the midst of significant revitalization. In addition to the sporting buzz surrounding A&M joining the South Eastern Conference, there is a new biomedical corridor, new housing development and new businesses flooding the area as a number of families (including former A&M students) look to settle back in the B/CS area. Our desire is to build a church that is defined by…

Radical Diversity
Real Discipleship
Restoration Displayed

Restoration Church Bryan will be first and foremost Christ-centered. We will exalt Jesus and point a community to the gospel, to redemption and restoration in Christ alone. We will be biblical. God’s Word will be our guide as we focus on preaching, teaching and equipping others to live the full counsel of Scripture. We will be committed to relational discipleship. Finally, we will be missional. We are committed to going OUT into our community and world, engaging people with the good news of Jesus Christ.
The Bryan community is still largely segregated when it comes to its churches. Although there are great kingdom-focused churches on the ground, there is still a need for diverse multiethnic churches that value expositional preaching, relational discipleship and cultural renewal. The task is God-sized. The gospel is about restoration. It's about restoring man to right relationship with God; but it also propels the restoration of human relationships.

Our desire is to see the gospel impact broken homes. Through relational discipleship, our hope is to see young men and women reached, families redeemed, and fathers and husbands learning how to follow Jesus well as spiritual servant leaders. Our desire is to impact the culture with gospel-centered biblical preaching with a view to life application. We also also believe there is a strong need for missional impact without divorcing discipleship and relationship from meeting needs and serving the community. Our hope is to be missionally minded in our relationships as we impact neighbors, coworkers, friends and folks with whom we come in contact. Ultimately, we believe God is calling all people to follow Jesus, to be transformed by him, and to be committed to his mission! 

Finally, the vision also encapsulates drawing young men and women from Texas A&M and Blinn College to invest in them, equip them, and to immerse them in relational ministry environments. Our desire is to see graduates "sent out" as missionaries to impact their world for the sake of the gospel.