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Sunday Meals - Napa

Our Sunday Meals for Seniors ministry is our way of seeking to bless those seniors (65+) who can't get out and about. We will deliver a warm restaurant meal from Napa Flats in College Station straight to their front door using a "knock, drop, and go" method. We want to ensure we don't unawarely spread COVID, but we do want our seniors to know we care, we love them, and we're here for them during this time. In addition to the meal, we're asking those who deliver to deliver a handwritten note of encouragement as well. For families who are delivering meals, we would encourage you to get your children involved in writing notes of encouragement and/or drawing some pictures for seniors with their names and ages on their artwork! 


If you have an elderly neighbor, family member, or friend who you KNOW would be blessed by this ministry, be sure to sign them up today by filling out the form below! There is also a place for you to request to be their delivery driver if you are able. Please note, we will stop sign ups for seniors on Fridays at 5pm or when the cap has been reached. If you add a senior after this, please know they may have to be placed on the list for the following Sunday. If you know a senior who would love a meal please use the form below.

Sign up a Senior for a Meal Here

Don't know a senior, but you would still like to be involved as a delivery driver? We need you too! Please sign up below.

I Don't Know a Senior But I Can Deliver