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Message from "Harvest Sunday" (11/12/2017):

Matthew 17:1-8: Jesus is the Vision!

In the fall of 2017 Restoration Church Bryan launched a capital campaign to raise funds for ministry expansion, as well as for a permanent home in Downtown Bryan. As we have embarked on this exciting next step for our church, we know God is going to stretch us to serve, pray and give in new ways. We are calling the campaign the “The Mosaic Initiative.”

We recognize that buildings, although vitally important for a church to gather, do not constitute God’s church. God’s church is His people, those who are called, saved and transformed by Jesus, and committed to taking the gospel message to the nations. A building is not our vision. Our vision is to continue to grow as a gospel-centered church devoted to discipleship and diversity. As we look forward, we see a thriving local church with a  place to worship, grow and serve the heart of downtown. We see new team members working toward our vision side by side. We see a beautiful diverse mosaic of people (a reflection of the throne room scene around Jesus in Rev. 7:9-10) on mission together. With the expansion of our staff and space, we see greater gospel impact!


What follows are questions and answers for you to review as you consider how God would lead you to be a part of Restoration’s Mosaic Initiative. 

  • Why MOVE rather than stay at Hope Crossing?
    Although God has moved tremendously during our time at Hope Crossing, we anticipate being at maximum capacity within the next couple of years with our worship space and children’s ministry space. Even with our new set-up, our seating capacity for one service will be between 200-250. As we continue to grow, we anticipate outgrowing Hope Crossing by 2019-2020. 
  • What is our target area to find a building?
    We see Downtown Bryan as the ideal place to plant a gospel-centered multiracial fellowship. In addition to being a place where revitalization is in full effect, in downtown you’ll also find a convergence of people from all walks of life, ethnicities, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Specifically, we are targeting the grid of 31st St. to MLK / Sims St. to Texas Ave.
  • What additional needs does the Mosaic Initiative address?
    At present, Restoration is still searching for a permanent worship leader, but it has become increasingly evident that to find the right man (or woman), we must make setting aside funds for this position a top priority. Our hope is to raise $60,000 to cover a salary of $30,000/yr over two years. We see this worship leader as a vital part of advancing our local church body toward the vision of being a church devoted to discipleship and diversity. 

In addition to devoting funds to our worship/ music ministry, Restoration would also like to set aside funds for administrative assistants. In May 2018, Restoration moved our offices out of the Hub Collaborative building in College Station to Downtown Bryan in the Amity Building. Part of the Mosaic Initiative funds will be used to pay an administrative assistant/ office manager a salary of $18k/ year. This support staff position frees up the rest of our staff to focus more on people and ministry while being able to offload some of the weekly administrative burdens of the church.

  • What is our target goal for fundraising?
    Our current goal is to raise twice the amount of our annual budget over the course of three years. With an annual budget of $250k, our three year goal will be to raise $500k. Following is the yearly breakdown:
    Fall 2017: $100k   /   2018: $150k   /   2019: $250k
  • What is the timeline for a building purchase?
    Obviously, so much of this will depend on God’s provision through this initiative. If by the end of 2019, we have raised close to the $500k, we will be uniquely positioned to put a significant downpayment on a property. However, if God provides, and our goals are met earlier than anticipated, we will move forward sooner (of course all of this is predicated on the right land/ building being available!).
  • How do people give?
    Our hope is to create a number of avenues for folks to give toward the Mosaic Initiative. 

You can GIVE ONLINE HERE (simply select "Mosaic Initiative Capital Fund")

You can give Sundays at Restoration

You can set up biweekly or monthly giving, similar to your tithes and offerings. Or you can focus in on one time gifts (year end giving, etc.). Currently, we have Pledge Cards available for folks to commit to this initiative and the vision of our local church body. We’re asking people to prayerfully consider partnering for the three year duration to sacrificially give.

Thank you for partnering with us during this exciting season for our local church! We are anticipating God doing GREAT things for his glory as we continue in our mission for Bryan and beyond!