Beginning Sunday, May 9th (Mother's Day), Restoration will be transitioning back to ONE 10:00am worship service every Sunday. 

Sundays at 10:00am

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Here's all the pertinent info you need to know!

  • All of our individual college missional communtiy groups take the summer off as many of our students and leaders leave town May - August. However, in June we will be launching a large group "college MCG" for all our students in town this summer! 
  • Though a few of our intergenerational (adult) groups are taking a break from meeting weekly this summer, we have several that will continue to meet May - July. Click on the link above to see which groups will be gathering! 
  • During the summer, many of our intergenerational groups mix things up by encorporating more "fellowships", dinners, and game nights into their weekly gatherings. The majority of our "open" groups alternate between these fellowship nights and their regular agenda of prayer and diving into Scripture. 

What is an MCG?

Missional community groups at Restoration Church Bryan are a hub for spiritual growth, fellowship and service in response to the Gospel. 

Think of it this way: If the Sunday morning worship service is the “air war” where the people of God gather to worship, hear the preaching of the Word and testimony and to pray as a congregation, the community group is the “ground war” where the people gather to process their faith together, grow with one another in relational environments and mobilize to serve our city.

What does "success" look like in a missional community setting?

Success takes place when we see the people of Restoration Church Bryan following Jesus, being transformed by Jesus and committing to his mission. (Matt. 4:19)

These groups are committed to...

  • Praying for one another
  • Orienting our lives around Scripture
  • Spiritual transformation and renewal
  • Authenticity
  • Bearing one another's burdens
  • Sharing Jesus and serving our community together

What can you expect at an MCG?

MCG's meet in homes all across Bryan/ College Station. You can expect a safe, relational environment with anywhere from 10-20 people. Expect to dig into Scripture with other Christ-seekers with a focus on life application and character transformation. Expect to pray and to be prayed for. Expect authentic connection with others. Expect to be challenged to serve and minister to others through our "Go" environments.