Summmer 2021 (May 9th - August 15th), Restoration will transition back to ONE 10:00am worship service every Sunday. 

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Category: Series | Coordinator: Jonathan Brooks

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Acts Series Information: 

Imagine reading through the New Testament and skipping from John's Gospel to Romans and the letters of Paul without the book of Acts. Without a doubt, there would be absolute confusion and speculation as to "how did we get here"?! 

Acts is the bridge. 
As the events of Acts unfold, the Gospel and witness of God's Church starts in Jerusalem; but then it quickly explodes throughout Judea, into Samaria, and by the end of the book news of Christ's death and resurrection has filled Rome and is positioned to reach the whole world. In just 30 short years, the world is turned upside down by the message of Jesus. Disciples of ALL people being made. Churches planted in city after city. 

Acts begins as a story already in progress (a continuation of Luke's gospel written to Theophilus), and it ends as a story in progress with Paul locked up, the mission still incomplete. It's a reminder to God's Church that we have been called and invited into this same mission. But we don't launch out in our own strength. Throughout Acts, it is clearly the Spirit of God empowering his people, emboldening their witness, and sustaining them to persevere. 

God is faithful to build his Church.
He is the author of the mission and movement.
He goes before us.
But the Church must be faithful to proclaim Christ crucified and raised.

We must not waiver in our focus. We must not become ensnared in the cultural idols of comfort and convenience. Following Jesus' lead, we must sacrifically lay our lives down so that others might know and experience the grace of God. Join us on this journey as we dive into the book of Acts!  

2/2/20: Acts 1:1-3 - A Church on Mission

2/9/20: Acts 1:4-11 - The Spirit & the Mission

2/16/20: Acts 1:12-26 - The Original Home of the 12th Man

2/23/20: Acts 2:1-13 - The Particulars of Pentecost

3/1/20: Acts 2:14-21 - Pentecost: The Aftermath

3/8/20: Acts 2:22-36 - Serious About Sovereignty

5/17/20: Acts 2:37-41 - A Gospel-Formed Fellowship of Repentance 

5/24/20: Acts 2:42-47 - A Gospel-Formed Fellowship of Reciprocity 

6/7/20: Acts 3:1-10 - The Heart of the Matter is the Heart

6/14/20: Acts 3:11-21 - Healing, Heaven, and Half the Gospel

6/21/20: Acts 3:22-26 - Jesus is Better

6/28/20: Acts 4:1-12 - Guest Speaker, Chris Henson

7/5/20: Acts 4:13-22 - Opposition, Proclamation, Acclamation (Matt Ullrich)

7/19/20: Acts 4:23-31 - It's All in the Response

7/26/20: Acts 4:32-37 - Christians Sacrificially Share

8/2/20: Acts 5:1-11 - The Peril of Spiritual Posing

8/9/20: Acts 5:17-21a - Systems, Saviors, & Speech

8/16/20: Acts 5:21b-32 - Gospel Disruption

8/23/20: Acts 5:33-42 - Two Must-Have Tools for Trials

8/30/20: Acts 6:1-7 - Gospel Movement and Growing Pains (Matt Prine)

9/6/20: Acts 6:8-15 - Gospel Movement Essentials

9/13/20: Acts 7:1-16 - When Truth and Tradition Collide

9/20/20: Acts 7:17-43 - The Moses They Missed...

9/27/20: Acts 7:44-60 - God's Perspective is the Only Perspective that Matters

10/11/20: Acts 8:1-8 - The Providence of Persecution (Matt Prine)

10/18/20: Acts 8:9-13 - The Pursuit of Greatness

10/25/20: Acts 8:14-25 - The Significance of the Spirit in Samaria

11/1/20: Acts 8:26-40 - The Faithfulness and Focus of Philip

11/8/20: Acts 9:1-9 - Mercy and a Mission

11/15/20: Acts 9:10-19 - The Church Needs Low-Key Life Changers

11/22/20: Acts 9:20-31 - The Ripple Effect of Redemption

11/29/20: Acts 9:32-43 - You Can't Do It!

1/10/21: Acts 10:1-8 - Examine Your Gospel Expectations

1/17/21: Acts 10:9-16 - The Set-Up

1/24/21: Acts 10:17-33 - Connecting Cornelius to Christ

2/28/21: Acts 11:1-18 - Getting out of the way of Grace

3/7/21: Acts 11:19-26 - Antioch: A Diverse, Disciple-Making Church

3/14/21: Acts 11:27-30 - Giving “in Christ” and in crisis 

3/21/21: Acts 12:1-5 - Realities of Belonging to the Church (Matt Ullrich)

3/28/21: Acts 12:6-19 - Faith in HIS Faithfulness

4/11/21: Acts 12:20-25 - The Peril of Pride & the Glory of God

4/18/21: Acts 13:1-3 - Made for Mission

4/25/21: Acts 13:4-12 - Expect Gospel Opposition (Matt Prine)

5/2/21: Acts 13:13-25 - Get to the Point!

5/9/21: Acts 13:26-41 - Resurrection Results

5/16/21: Acts 13:42-52 - The Right Reaction to Resistance

5/23/21: Acts 14:1-7 - Pay Attention to Your Patterns

7/4/21: Acts 14:8-18 - The Gospel In Lystra 

7/11/21: Acts 14:19-28- Authentic Shepherding