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Recapture the Awe: Sermon Series

Every Sunday until July 14, 2019

10:00am – 11:15am

Category: Series | Coordinator: Jonathan Brooks

Recapture the Awe2

Has the Church lost its awe of God? Lost the wonder? Lost a sense of the significance of what God has accomplished, a sense of his great love for the world? God is calling his Church to recapture the awe! This is the vision for Restoration Church Bryan for 2019. We must press into God, not settling for same old same old. We must come to realize that so much of our boredom stems from giving ourselves over to empty stimulation and empty idols that don’t satisfy.

Jonathan Dodson says it like this: "The way out of pride is worship, to look upon a God who is greater than ourselves. We recover awe when we acknowledge the greatness of his sacrifice, the depth of our sin, and the height of his love - all in the person of Christ."

Are you bored? How in the world could we ever get bored with redemption, a God that sets us free from sin and removes the burden of guilt? Have you become desensitized to the things of God? How in the world could be become numb to a God who draws near, and heals and restores?

Paul David Tripp states: "We were created to live our lives in the shadow of awe. But it’s like the Church has a case of awe amnesia!" There is more! There is so much more.  Sin is an awe stealer. Our sin rips divine wonder from our hearts and minds - a wonder that is supposed to shape the core values, character, and trajectory of our lives. And sin inevitably fills the void with lesser things that leave us empty & bored. Sin blinds us to magnificent splendor of Jesus! You were created to live with a glorious sense of wonder that can only come from knowing and walking with Jesus. There are adventures you can’t even imagine waiting that will only be activated by faith. There is awe on the other side of expectancy and humility. God is calling. Will you recapture the awe? 

Join us for this important four-part worship series this summer at Restoration!

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