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Marriage Matters - Reflecting God in Procreation

Last Sunday I said that I would share some thoughts (via blog) on God's design for procreation.

In the message last week, we said this:
If you want your marriage to matter, look to its Designer.

We said that as a Christ-follower, your marriage can reflect the image of God through relationship, through covenant union, and through mission. I also mentioned that marriage can reflect the image of God through procreation (Genesis 1:28).

In the cultural mandate we see this opportunity to reflect the image of God as creator and life giver. Disclaimer: Sin disrupts everything!

Pain in childbearing
Complications in pregnancy 

All have found their way into the process. As a woman (or couple), if you've experience this, I am so very sorry. Early in marriage, my wife and I were not immune to the disappointment of infertility. I want to be very clear that (in writing about God's design for procreation) I am very aware that the ravenous effects of the fall (Genesis 3) have disrupted the design. Let me also add that a woman/ a wife can be a complete person without bearing children.

But the call to “be fruitful and multiply”, although primarily given to Adam and Eve as the heads of the human race still stands as part of God’s design for married couples today.

Think about it like this:
Before time God existed in perfection. There was perfect love, joy, fellowship and peace within the Trinity. God was not incomplete. He was not bored. The Father didn't longingly wonder aloud one day during his 4,982,547th game of ping pong with the Holy Spirit what was next...

Out of the OVERFLOW of all of who God was, all that he shared within himself as a Triune God (perfect love, joy, fellowship, etc.) - he chose to share his life with his creation. But it didn't stop there. He then willingly and sacrificially gave himself to his creation for its good and benefit.

So what's the point? 
In procreation, we see the same picture. We give life and share life with our children for their good and in so doing, we reflect who God is. The creator. The life giver.

Children are not an impediment. They are most certainly not a hindrance to your plans and ambition. And in fact, children are not just for the sake of continuing your lineage. Every baby conceived and born, every child raised gives us a picture of something bigger. God creates. He gives and shares his life because that's who he is. And he invites us to bear his image in doing the same. Wow.