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I was Clyde "The Glide"...

I WAS Clyde Drexler. It was 1995. I had just started dunking a basketball (one out of every 6 attempts of course). In the early 90's I had perfected the dream shake. But then in '94, the Rockets acquired Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, and I took it upon my self to meticulously study and break down his every move. Clyde had this double between-the legs crossover WHILE going int...

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The "Displaced" Church

What will "Church" look like now? As a pastor, as a follower of Jesus...this is a question that continues to fill my mind and absorb my energy. Early this week, I hopped on a call with over 140 pastors to collaborate and discuss plans for moving our churches forward in the midst of this current Corona Virus crisis. Real talk - It was pretty discouraging. I get it. We all n...

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A Plea for Unity Around the Gospel (from July 10)

Racial Reconciliation begins and ends with the Gospel of Christ crucified and raised. ...

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Erasing Hell in the Gospel

A plea to preachers to proclaim the full counsel of the Gospel message ...

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Marriage Matters - Reflecting God in Procreation

Last Sunday I said that I would share some thoughts (via blog) on God's design for procreation. In the message last week, we said this:If you want your marriage to matter, look to its Designer. We said that as a Christ-follower, your marriage can reflect the image of God through relationship, through covenant union, and through mission. I also mentioned that marriage can...

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Works, Cheap Grace and Navigating a Christianity that doesn’t Lead to Godliness

Finding the balance between grace, works and godliness ...

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You Can't Judge Me

In light of walking through Matthew 5-7 over the past month in our sermon series: The Kingdom in Matthew, I wanted to share a few thoughts on Matthew 7:1-5, one of the most misquoted and abused passages of Scripture. A while back, I read yet another Facebook quote about not judging others from a Christian artist that I actually really like. He's edgy, counter-cultural (in...

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Mercy and Me

In all honesty, there are times when I have read the book of Hebrews and have been stopped in my tracks, perplexed and troubled. Several years back in seminary, I remember studying the "warning passages" of Hebrews, where the people of God are warned about falling away. After "tasting the heavenly gift, sharing in the Holy Spirit, and tasting the goodness of the word of Go...

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